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To solve the problem of disconnection between operators and game makers, this entertainment value can casino online brasil br caca niqueis be built on an interactive blockchain ecosystem and involve online casino affiliates the participation of existing service providers (e.g. How do blockchain technology and digital assets contribute to the creation of a new gaming eco-system and create fresh opportunities for the casino industry?. Distributed gaming technology companies). However, there is a disconnection between the game makers and casino operators. Casinos do not have the ability to make games based on what they want for their business, while game makers are not able to interact with players directly on the casino floor to receive feedback on what they like. CR. Game designers, casino operators, regulators) and new types of providers (e.g. As the modes of entertainment grow more inventive and online casino affiliates more convenient (e.g.

AY. A blockchain ecosystem can make the long-needed changes to begin. CR. In your view what will be the impact of blockchain on the sector?. When the next generations are demanding an interactive gaming experience, the casinos and their game manufacturers need to respond to them. Mobile games, eSports, social gaming), the actual offerings on the casino floors is not catching up. AY.

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