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Is still best deutsche online casino behind Europe, it will online casino eu lizenz take five years to catch up. We are excited about what’s yet to come with our partnership. We would rather focus on smaller markets while letting the big guys fight it out in the U.S. SP. SP.

CR. We are going to shoot our first commercial with him soon, so I will be able to tell you more after that. Betting market best deutsche online casino is a game for giants. How have you found working with Conor McGregor?. His Management team Paradigm Sports and manager, Audie Ottar have been excellent when helping to organize our engagement with Conor.

Betting in the U.S. CR. What are you doing in terms of identifying ‘the next big thing’ in sports betting?. Have you found it and when will you let the industry in on the news?. The American dream is undeniably an exciting one but it is too complex and too expensive for us to enter.

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