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Alphaslot’s COO Albert Yu gives an insight in the online casino book of ra paysafecard future of the gaming industry, discussing how the increasing prominence of blockchain ecosystem will help bridge the gap between game developers and casino operators. However, we are now finding an increase in the volume of bets. Albert Yu. Casino Review.

From a technological perspective, what does the future hold for land-based gaming?. UFC hasn’t traditionally lent itself to betting. Parimatch is agile and very online casino dealer interview questions open to growing with the UFC to become one of the strongest players in our industry,” she explained. The growth in the amount and number of bets December 18 – May 19 (6 months) compared to June 18 – Nov 18 (excluding the Habib-McGregor fight) was 53 percent.” Indeed, while it may have only been a year since Parimatch joined forces with UFC, the similarities and synergies between the two brands has so far proven to be grounds for the perfect partnership – and one that seems destined to go all five rounds.

L-R – Alistair Overeem and Alexei Oleinik “This partnership is not just a partnership in the name of business. For us it is a merger of brand ideologies. “For me the UFC sponsorship is about our proof of positioning in the market as the most daring betting brand. We want to build on this connection.

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