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You recently signed Russian heavyweight contender Alexey Oleynik as your latest Brand Ambassador, how is this tied into your wider strategy of expanding the UFC’s presence in Russia best online casino real and the EMEA? online casino auf lastschrift. UFC reinforcers our brand positioning. A fighter’s spirit has the ultimate freedom of choice, a freedom to dare and take risks – much like betting. UFC is growing rapidly in Russia, and we want to be aligned with every fighter from the region that represents MMA at a national level. Parimatch wants to be the alpha-brand. We want our brand to become more and more connected with the UFC. There are many similarities between fighting and betting.

To ensure MMA sugarhouse online casino nj app and Parimatch are synonymous. CR. It is a top league with ambassadors like Conor McGregor who embody the fighting spirit. CR. SP. SP. The partnership between Parimatch and the UFC has been described as strategic and longterm, what are the main aims going forward into 2020 and beyond?.

We want to help Russia fighters like Oleynik raise their profile and with it Parimatch’s popularity.

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