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Then place your chips on austrian online casino a corner shared by 4 numbers online casino paypal deposit kingcasinobonus. ROULETTE OUTSIDE BETS Outside bets commonly offer higher win rates at lower returns. In this case your chips go to the outer corner these two rows have in common. Corner / Square. Feel like one of 4 specific numbers might be your lucky number next round?.

Betting on two adjacent rows is called a Six Lne. Trio. Similar to the trio, this bet has you place your chips on the corner of the zero (or double 0) box and the first 3 numbers. In this case you place your chips on the common line of all three numbers. Basket.

A Trio bet is a bet on 3 numbers with one of them being the 0 (or 00 in case of playing American Roulette). Six Line.

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