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Alphaslot offers an entirely new, rich customer online casino hack app segmentation of next generations book of ra fixed online casino. AY. What’s in it for casino operators?. These unique characteristics present new business opportunities for the industry to compete with upstarts. Alphaslot increase customer retention rate which casinos spend millions to acquire them. The “Alphaslot-ready” gaming machines (operating by casinos) can add new features to interact with the gamers via related digital assets, offering competitive products to attract new customers and prolong their gaming activities on the casino floors. The encrypted customer data on the blockchain network also ensure their investments are preserved. Game makers online casino hack app will be able to offer digital assets for gamers to acquire, making them to stay longer on their games and increase revenue for both game makers and casino operators.

AY. What’s in it for game makers?. CR. Alphaslot offers, for the first time in history, the directly access for game makers to interact with casino gamers thru the Alphaslot ecosystem, making modern gaming elements available from within the games themselves. As the gamers data are encrypted and anonymous on the blockchain, casinos are more willing to open the customer gateway with game makers for product improvement. Alphaslot’s API (Application Programming Interface) is designed as a public protocol for the integration of players’ digital wallets with the gaming products on the casino floors. CR.

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